Annual & Sports Physicals

Physicals and Wellness Checkups

Wellness checkups at Hilton Head Primary Care includes vital sign measurements of height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate, respirations, and pulse oximetry, if needed. During annual physicals, we will also ask you about your family’s health history. If your family history puts you at an increased risk for suffering from certain health problems, we can provide guidance on how you can reduce your risk of suffering from the same problems.

Sports Physicals

Anyone who has played sports knows how important it is to pay extra attention to your health. Playing sports is a great way to have fun while staying healthy. However, sports physicals aren’t just for kids. Adults should also visit our doctor to make sure that they are healthy before hitting the court, field, or rink.

Regularly seeing our doctor for wellness checkups also allows you to gather information about how to make healthier lifestyle choices. To learn more about the benefits of physicals and wellness checkups care at Hilton Head Primary Care, contact us today at 843-682-2004!