Breast Biopsy in Bluffton

Patients who need laboratory testing for an abnormal mass in their breast can come to the skilled and compassionate surgeons at Okatie Surgical Partners for a breast biopsy in Bluffton, South Carolina. If a suspicious area is detected in the breast during a mammogram or breast examination, a biopsy can be used to evaluate the cells in the mass to determine whether it is breast cancer. There are different types of biopsies that can be performed, and your surgeon will determine which type of biopsy is appropriate based on:

• How suspicious the area looks
• How big the area of concern is
• The location of the area of concern
• Whether there is more than one area of concern
• Whether you have any other medical issues
• Your personal preferences

The risks associated with a breast biopsy are minimal, and breast biopsy recovery is typically a week or less. If your doctor has recommended that you receive a breast biopsy, call us at (843) 558-8428 to schedule a consultation.